Barcelona, ​​May 2023
Public relations and communication.
Informal Haute Cuisine Festival.
With the tapa as its flag, Hotel Tapa Tour invites you to discover the cuisine of the most emblematic and exclusive hotels without going through reception to check in.

Exhibition Opening “Revolució Vilaweb” – May 2022
Palau Robert, Barcelona

La Festa de la Paraula – September 2022
Palau Robert, Barcelona

Space management.

Since December 2019, Barcelona.

Dossier Punt de Vistes 360.pdf

Public Relations.

Hotel revitalization.

Since June 2019, Barcelona.

Public Relations.

Since April 2017, Badalona

Restaurant, Take Away & Delivery.
Public Relations / Comunication.
Sant Antoni, Barcelona.
2020 –

Músico, compositor y productor.

Cambio de concepto

Public Relations.
Barcelona, 2018.


©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography. ©ESHRE / David Adamson Photography.

Coordination, organization and production of the Congress.
Barcelona, July 2018

Presentation in Barcelona. Special participation of Maria Dolores Boada, daughter of the first barman (Boadas Cocktail Bar) to introduce the Rum into Spain.

Barcelona, 2002

Public Relations and Press.
Concept, design and production.
Event to present the new graphic image for the Balearic Islands.

Saldaña Palace, Madrid, 2002

Presentation of the Hotel in Paseo de Gracia.

Barcelona, 2002

Public relations, press, localisation, hiring, logistics.
European Campaign. International Mini Gymkhana Mission. Relaunch of Mini Cooper.

European sport/cultural project. Call to participate in the gymkhana, participation of the winning crime busters in the final. The trials were devised by the Scotch crime writer Val McDermid, who wrote a detective story called ‘Mission Mini’.

Barcelona, 2002

Event to present the Festival of Barcelona.

Montjuïc Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, 2002


Public Relations.
Presentation of the programme to the economic community.

Casa Milà, Barcelona, 2002

Public Relations and Press.
Event and banquet. Sustainability Awards.

Barcelona, 2001–2002

Public Relations and Press.
Vilanova i la Geltrú City Hall.

Vilanova, 2001

Event concept, Public Relations and Press.
Considered one of the leading journals for Art, Culture and Tendencies and Trends in Spain. Launch event for the journal / Matador-Renault Party.

Palo Alto, Barcelona

Public Relations and Press.
Dry Martini.
Press presentation of the new radio show.

Barcelona, 2000

Presentation in the Picasso Museum.
Cocktail to present the prestigious London law firm.

Barcelona, 1999

Public Relations.
Pre-inauguration of Gran Teatro del Liceo.
Official event to welcome the mayors of 500 different cities from the 5 continents.

Barcelona, 1999

Public Relations.
Tapas and Rhumbas.
Congress closing ceremony.

Barcelona, 1999

Concept, Production, Public Relations.
Gala Supper. Official closing ceremony of the Congress of mayors from the five continents.

Barcelona, 1999

Concept, production, Public Relations and design of anniversary party of the production company at Casa Batlló.

  • Encounter with partners from Endemol.
  • 10th Anniversary of the Company celebrated in Casa Batlló.

Barcelona, 1998

Concept and management of event.
Convention to present new product.
Itinerary through Barcelona Aquarium involving guests in different activities, including dances with toothbrushes.

Barcelona, 1997

Direction, coordination.

Barcelona City Hall, Barcelona, 1997

— Chef Carles Abellán, Artist Lali Canosa, RRPP Cuca Guixeras, Choreograph and dancer Lola Puentes, Stylist Daniela García, Joan Madurell, among others, celebrating the success of the act.

Event concept, production, Public Relations, Press.
Opening of the first store in Spain.

Setting: Paseo de Gracia. Replicas of Bally posters from different eras with models bursting through them to show the new collection. Refreshments.

Barcelona, 1997

Public Relations

  • Presentation of the 12th International Poetry Festival, Palau de la Música.
  • Inauguration of the Poetry Festival.

Barcelona City Hall, Barcelona, 1996

Public Relations and Press.
Presentation of the “En Ruta” ’95 Tour.

Barcelona, 1995

Public Relations.
Presentation at l’Auditori.

Barcelona City Hall, Barcelona, 1995

Public Relations.
Design of the Barcelona launch ceremony for the magazine developed by Borja Casani.
Indie Magazine and emblem of modernity.

Barcelona, 1994

Catwalk, 103 Spanish Fashion Show.

Hotel Ritz, Barcelona, 1993

Public Relations and Press.
Presentation of the Band and their new disk.
Party at Otto Zutz. Area Plus.

Barcelona, 1993

Press and Public Relations.

Barcelona, 1992

Public Relations and Press.
Presentation of the Collection.

Barcelona Zoology Museum, Barcelona, 1991–1996

Public Relations and Press.
July Fair.
Every Sunday one of the in-venues of Barcelona (Otto Zutz, Up&Down, Universal) took its customers to the bullfights and provided them with drinks and a finger food buffet. Attended by all of Barcelona.

Barcelona, 1991–1996

Idea, production, direction.
Theatrical performance as part of the citizen waste recycling awareness campaign.
Ogilvy & Mather Direct

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, 1991

Communications strategy, Press and Public Relations, Logistics.
Concert at the Olympic Stadium.
DPM Promotions.

Barcelona, 1990

— Luciano Pavarotti at Palau Sant Jordi, 1990

Public Relations and Press
Concert at Palau Sant Jordi

Barcelona, 1990

— La Toya Jackson and the owner of Fata Morgana — Standing: Ana Fernández, David Rubira, Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler. Sitting: Isabel Castellet, Lluis Pau, Alfons Tost, Nuria Garcés, Toni Garcés, Ignasi Nuet, among others.

Inauguration of the great Costa Brava Discotheque.
Performance of La Toya Jackson. Catering offered by El Bulli.

Girona, 1990

— Presentation Up&Down, Barcelona. Nuria Baguena, Jesus, Pedro Marín, Dolly Fontana, Sergio and Ramón Ramis — Presentation Up&Down, Barcelona. Nuria Garcés, Pilar Pasamontes and Marcel Montlleó — Presentation Up&Down, Barcelona. Xavier Sardà — Antoni Miralda, Antonio Alvarado and Bigas Luna — Presentation Archy, Madrid. Among others, Angel Nieto and Pedro Carrasco.

Public Relations and Press.
Launch events for the games developed by Diset.
Supper with Antoni Miralda, Antonio Alvarado, Bigas Luna.

Madrid – Barcelona, 1990

Public Relations.
25th Anniversary – Tropical

Barcelona, 1990

Development of idea and production of annual event.
Children from Barcelona schools sow plants in city parks and gardens.

Barcelona City Hall, Spring 1990 and 1999

Public relations, Press.
International symposium on fertility ’89.

Barcelona, 1989

— Carmen, alma mater of El Salmonete.

Farewell party for what was one of la Barceloneta’s mythical restaurants prior to the building of the Olympic Village.
Invitations to Barcelona Opinion Leaders.

Barcelona, 1989

Public Relations and Press.
Strategy for the presentation, plan of execution, PR campaigns, editing of the first magazine, coordination of domestic mailing.

Spain, 1988–1991

Inauguration. Public Relations, Invitations and Press.
Presentation of the new restaurant opened by the first woman to win a Michelin Star in Japan, Carme Ruscalleda.

Sant Pol de Mar, 1988

Institutional relations, Public Relations.
Coordination and production of the inaugural events for the enlargement of the foundation.

Institutional Act with Her Royal Highness, Queen Sofía.
Party with opinion leaders and artists.

Barcelona, 1988

Public Relations, Cid Publicidad.
Presentation of winning spots.

Barcelona, 1988

Public Relations.
Communications strategy, publicity and advertising, management of event guests and sponsors.
Concert at Camp Nou.
ONCE (Spanish Society for the Visually Impaired)

Barcelona, 1988

Public Relations – Symposium.

Barcelona, 1988

Public Relations.
Communications strategy, publicity and advertising, management of event invitations, logistics and sponsors.

Concert: Human Rights Now!

Barcelona, 1988

— In the background: Jose Luís Guarner, Film critic and President of the Barcelona Film Festival. — In the background: Jordi Batlló, Director of the Barcelona Film Festival. With me: George Sidney, legendary director at Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Public Relations, Head of Logistics and Institutional Relations.
Direction and coordination of events, Direct assistance, invitation of guests, directors, actors and distributors.
Guest lunches and suppers at Festival.
Party nights and invitations to opinion leaders and politicians.

Ephemeral work by architects and artists in Rambla de Catalunya: Gae Aulenti, Frank Gehry, Oriol Bohigas, Joan Brossa.

Barcelona, 1988–1989

Company Branding and Public Relations.
Inauguration, Anniversary Parties 1 and 5, 60’s Tuesdays, Thursdays in Gran Velvet.

Barcelona, 1987–1994

Communications strategy and Public Relations.
Production of Concerts by Tina Turner and Spandau Ballet, amongst others.

Barcelona, 1987–1989

Public Relations, Protocol and Press.
Exposition in Ciudadela Park.
Concert featuring the reappearance of Josep Carreras, Arco de Triunfo.

Barcelona, 1987–1988

Public Relations.
Inauguration of the Agency’s new offices.

Barcelona, 1987

Public Relations.
Generalitat de Catalunya (Regional Government of Catalonia).

Barcelona, 1987

— Albert Ràfols Casamada, Pasqual Maragall, Miquel Espinet, Nuria Garcés, Maria Girona, Xavier Oliver

Relaciones Públicas.
Exposición conmemorativa 20 años de la escuela de diseño con Rafols, Casamada, Pascual Maragall, Miquel Espinet, Núria Garcès, Maria Girona, Xavier Olivé.

Barcelona, 1987

— At the studio control room. In the background: Jose Maria Pallardó.

Freelance. Production and Public Relations.
Radio Barcelona, Cadena Ser.
Producer of programme led by José María Pallardó.
Public Relations Onda Awards.

Barcelona, 1985–1986

Press and Public Relations, Premieres.

  • Anguish, Bigas Luna
  • Last Afternoons with Teresa, Gonzalo Herralde

Barcelona y Madrid, 1984–1985

— Virgin presentation in Barcelona. Núria Garcés and Manuel Huerga, 1983

Manager of National Press. Promotion and Public Relations.
Virgin Spain (Record label)

Barcelona, 1984–1987

Rock concert promotor for Spain

Barcelona, 1982–1983

— With Ramoncín in Studio 54, promotional tour. — Promotional tour for Leif Garret

Head of Promotions for Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.
Promotions Department.
Leif Garret, Perales, Mari Trini, Jackson Browne.

Barcelona, 1978–1982

— — 3rd Anniversary of — 3rd Anniversary of — Manel Esclusa, Josep Maria Mir, Paca Curià and Josep Aragall

Public Relations and Press.
Concept, production and organisation of socio-cultural events to communicate and project brand image.

Barcelona, 1998–1990

  • Supper and Party to commemorate 100 years of cinema.
  • 20th Anniversary. Public Relations. Supper at Casa Batlló.
  • A Trip to the Moon. Concept, direction and production, PR and Press. Homage to Georges Méliès on his 100th Anniversary. From the main facade of Bulevard Rosa in Paseo de Gracia, a kind of gnome descended from a spaceship and invited us to cross the threshold of the main entrance, covered by a poster of the moon penetrated by a rocket. Event designed by Andreu Morte.
  • 15th Anniversary. PR event with VIPs and Institutional Representatives.
  • At the end of the day two of the window displays came to life and the shoes started tap dancing while the stockings danced Music Hall, the toys came to life …
  • Boulevard of Art. Exhibition commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of the Vía Augusta Bulevard. Public Relations, Press, Coordination.