— TV: Crackòvia, Carlos Latre characterising and impersonating Josep Lluís Núñez and Leo Messi. — TV: Press conference for the presentation of the TVE programme Letris, 2013. Presenter Carlos Latre. — TV: Jurado TCMS, 2013 — TV: Presenter for the TV programme — Radio: Collaboration with Carlos Herrera at Onda Cero, 2007–2014 — Advertisement for Danone, 2010–2011 — Shooting for the Turrones La Casa advertisement, 2008–2009 — Dubbing Happy Feet 2, December 2011 — Theatre: Carlos Latre In Live, 2008 — Theatre: Opening party Yes we Spain, La Turba, Madrid — Yes we Spain, Coliseum theatre, Barcelona — Yes we Spain, Queue at the Coliseum theatre, Barcelona — Theatre: Tour start YWS, Palma de Mallorca, February, 2011 — Theatre: Opening Barcelona YWS, 2011. Pocholo. — Theatre: Opening Barcelona YWS, 2011. Jordi Gonzalez. — Theatre: Rocco, Jordi González, Carlos Latre, Dra Montse Folch and Doctor Vila Rovira at YWS Barcelona, 2011 — Theatre: Poster for YWSID — Theatre: Tour YWSID Sevilla with Carmen Tello, Carlos Latre, La Duquesa de Alba, Curro Romero and Alfonso Díez. — Presenter for the reception of the Spanish football selection at the European Football Championship, 2012 — Interview, Girona — Presentation event

Personal Branding. Management and Executive Production. Press, Publicity and Advertising.
Management of over 30 Television, Radio, Advertising and Publicity, Theatre, Dubbing, Public Event and Convention projects.


Barcelona, 2007 – 2014


Management, hiring and consultancy services for, amongst others, the following TV programmes:
Me resbala, Antena 3, Uno de los nuestros, TVE, Letris, TVE, Bailando y Cantando contigo, TVE, Señoras que, Antena 3-Neox, Tu cara me suena, Antena 3, La Escobilla NacionalDónde estás Corazón, Antena3, La Tribu, Tele 5, Crackovia, TV3, Réplica, Antena 3, Polonia, TV3, Tu cara me suena mini, Antena 3, Pánico en el Plató, Antena 3


Management and hiring of weekly contributors for Herrera en la Onda, on Onda Cero Radio.


Pasapalabra, Avanti, Menuda Noche on Canal Sur, New Year’s Eve special on TVE, La Noria, etc.

Advertising and Publicity

Management and hiring for the following advertising campaigns:
Danone, Turrones La Casa, Media Markt, Telepizza, Banc Sabadell


  • Films:
    Snowflake, the movieHappy Feet 2, 3D, Los cachorros (The Cubs) and Pet Pals,  The Marco Polo Code,  Asterix and Obelix, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Videojuegos:
    Fable III for XBOX


  • Carlos Latre in live
    Through FILA 7 the Carlos Latre in live tour has been initiated in the summer of 2008. A total of 40 shows were held all over Spain.
    The spectacle was well received by its audience and critics.
  • Yes We Spain y Yes We Spain Is Different
    Direction, Management, Coordination, Production, Hiring, Premieres, Advertising and Publicity, Promotion, Press and Public Relations.
    Spanish Tour: 2011, 25 cities. 2012, thirty cities. 2013, twenty-two cities.

Public events and conventions

Bacardi, Cepsa, Edelman, KPMG, Spanish National Football Team at the celebrations organised in Madrid for the two European Cup (2008 and 2012) and the South African World Cup (2010) wins, Mundo Deportivo, As, Rico, Tinkel.

— Joan Clos and Nuria Garcés — Pasqual Maragall and Joan Clos — Pasqual Maragall and Joan Clos — Lydia Delgado and Pilar Pasamontes at Palauet Albéniz — Presentation Barcelona City Council, Bread & Butter — Presentation Barcelona City Council, Bread & Butter — Xavier Mariscal — Visit to Centre d'Avis, La Barceloneta — Cesc Gelabert and Àngels Bitria, Pregón de la Mercè — Frank Rijkaard at the — Visit at the Sisters Clarisas, Pedralbes — School visits to the City Council

Head of Public Relations for Barcelona City Hall and other municipal entities, organisations and authorities.
Barcelona, 2004–2006


  • Specific coordination of citizen relations and personal communication for the Office of the Mayor.
  • Design and generation of PR activities.
  • Fostering programmes related to different municipal collectives.
  • Fostering action related to direct contact with citizens and associations.
  • Proposal and execution of activities (public events) led directly by the Office of the Mayor.
  • Drafting of criteria and control system for City Hall PR gifts.
  • Supervision and coordination of all activities, acts, public invites and events led by the Office of the Mayor.
  • Maintenance of the general data base of the Office of the Mayor Design of events and activities related to Barcelona Civil Society.
  • Management of the Ceremonial Rooms of City Hall.
  • Management of the dinning rooms of City Hall.
  • Special care of the premises of the Office of the Mayor (waiting room, meeting rooms, etc.) with respect to the preservation, maintenance and decoration thereof.
  • Coordination with other departments of City Hall for all activities interfacing with the social, cultural, economic and associative fabric of the city and of interest to the Office of the Mayor.
  • Leading special activities related to fostering relations with people or individuals who, by their very nature, are of particular interest to the Office of the Mayor.
  • Commissioning the different suppliers of the services required for the different activities of the Office of the Mayor.
— Nick Knight and Xavier Guardans — Editorial for “Primera Línea” with Xavier Guardans, Ramon Ramis and Manolo Diaz — With Xavier Mariscal for “Europalia”, Calella de Parafrugell — Xavier Mariscal for “Europalia”, Calella de Parafrugell — With Migueli for “Europalia”, S’Agarò Mar — Migueli for “Europalia”, S’Agarò Mar — Casa Bofill for “Europalia”

Production and Management.
Advertising campaign, journals, press, shows.


Barcelona 1985–1986