Press & Social Media




We create a state of opinion through the media with the news and realities that the company, product or event generates.



Communication and press office


What you transmit to the media is key to maintaining your reputation as a brand or company. Understanding and respecting at the same time people’s feelings and emotions.


Extensive experience in managing the relationship with the media before, during or after the organization of your event, during organizational changes or in medium and long term projects as responsible for communication.



  • Communication protocol adapted to each situation, public and moment

  • Maintenance and development of the relationship with the written media, magazines, press, television, digital media and social networks.

  • Contact with opinion leaders of your sector and public figures, VIPS, companies, institutions, media, foodies, instagramers, general and sector journalists.

  • Organisation and broadcasting of press conferences and press releases

  • Mailings



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