Public Relations




Global management of all types of events. Communication, press and extensive networking. Personal branding of personal or company image. Specialization in networking. Interactive in a wide sector of VIPS, companies and entities in Barcelona.



Cultural management, media, entertainment and culture. Gastronomic advice and public relations.



Transversality and coordination with the different sectors.





Implementation of business ideas within the world of hospitality. Situation analysis, concept creation and dynamization of the space itself.

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Design, creation, planning and execution of events at business, corporate and brand level for brands operating in very different lines of business.

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Press & Social Media

The voice of your company will take your brand wherever you want or need it. We organize your communications both in form and content.

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Personal image is an inseparable part of your business. We give you advice, direction and management of hiring and help you with the executive production.

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