Personal Presentation


I tend to have a panoramic vision of things and like to include the six senses and seven arts in all I do. I love to mix styles, people and all that is diverse. I am enthralled by aesthetics. I have travelled long distances simply to see a building or bridge. But I also love to travel to far lands as yet untainted by civilisation. I love to try everything, to eat in market bars and canteens, but also in star-winning restaurants. I adore the light of the Mediterranean, animals, the cinema and rock’n roll. And I’m also crazy about the blues, rhumba and spirituals. Attitude is essential to making the most out of life. I delve deeply into things, the surface is never anywhere near sufficient.


Personal Values


  • Capacity to lead change.
  • Global, dynamic, creative, provocative and constantly evolving professional profile.
  • Perfectionist. High level definition of concepts and precise enactment.
  • Aptitude, attitude and style. Curiosity, imagination, commitment and determination.
  • Networking. Specialising in contact networks.