I am Barcelona

I know perfectly well the origins of what works now and, thanks to experience, I know what will be needed shortly.
I will seek out the places and people who will make wishes come true.

I specialize in media sectors: Artistic, Cultural, Gastronomic, Institutional, Production…

I prioritize the media and social networks, the essential showcases for any type of company.

I offer my Networking network to connect the great and exclusive, with the more unknown, popular, original and current.

I love to try everything, eat in bars and market canteens and also in starred restaurants.

I love Mediterranean light, animals, cinema and rock’n roll. And I’m also enthusiastic about blues, rumba and spiritual music.

A good attitude is essential to enjoy life. I get to the bottom of things, I don’t settle for the surface.

I have a panoramic view of things, I like to include the 6 senses and the 7 arts in my actions.

I enjoy mixing styles, people and all kinds of diversity.

Aesthetics fascinates me. I have traveled to see a building, or a bridge, but I also like to travel to distant countries where civilization has not yet arrived.


Launch or energize, present or give visibility, whatever you need for you, your client or brand, with me will be different and exclusive.

From the previous analyzes to the results, you will feel accompanied, safe and satisfied.
I guarantee the difference: communication, full attention and exclusivity.


Launch of business ideas in the world of hospitality

Situation analysis / Concept creation / Revitalization of the space / Re-launches


Personal image is an inseparable part of your business

Consulting / Management / Public relations / Recruitment management / Executive production.


Design, creation, planning and execution of events at business, corporate level and for brands in different sectors

Press and social media

The voice of your company will take your brand wherever you want or need it

We organize your communications in both format and content.