Head of Public Relations for Barcelona City Hall and other municipal entities, organisations and authorities.
Barcelona, 2004–2006


  • Specific coordination of citizen relations and personal communication for the Office of the Mayor.
  • Design and generation of PR activities.
  • Fostering programmes related to different municipal collectives.
  • Fostering action related to direct contact with citizens and associations.
  • Proposal and execution of activities (public events) led directly by the Office of the Mayor.
  • Drafting of criteria and control system for City Hall PR gifts.
  • Supervision and coordination of all activities, acts, public invites and events led by the Office of the Mayor.
  • Maintenance of the general data base of the Office of the Mayor.
  • Design of events and activities related to Barcelona Civil Society.
  • Management of the Ceremonial Rooms of City Hall.
  • Management of the dinning rooms of City Hall.
  • Special care of the premises of the Office of the Mayor (waiting room, meeting rooms, etc.) with respect to the preservation, maintenance and decoration thereof.
  • Coordination with other departments of City Hall for all activities interfacing with the social, cultural, economic and associative fabric of the city. And of interest to the Office of the Mayor.
  • Leading special activities related to fostering relations with people or individuals who, by their very nature, are of particular interest to the Office of the Mayor.
  • Commissioning the different suppliers of the services required for the different activities of the Office of the Mayor.